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Mobile Social Network


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Big Fish Games


As a top publisher of free-to-play mobile games, Big Fish Games has millions of active players each day. We need to encourage player engagement and increase cross-pollination among games by introducing them to other games they’d like as well as other players like them  — and you have seven days to create a solution!


Design a simple social network-like experience for players that utilizes their playing-game library to make recommendations to them. By creating a user-to-user and user-to-game relationship recommendation "engine,” a user can discover games they'd like based on their friends, and vice versa.


Brainstorming Content and Feature Scope

We had a brainstorming session at the whiteboard and asked questions about the product, determined its role, ideated features, set the prototype presentation order, and planned out our work week to complete the project.

Whiteboard brainstorm

IA Map & Hand Sketches

Connecting content

Rough hand sketches of each page and section

Wireframe Design

Current user wireframes

Sharing a game with a friend

Branded UI Design

Current user and friend recommendation UI

Sharing a game with a friend

Prototype Development

Finally, I imported our screens from Sketch into Marvel (a web-based hotspot prototyping tool), and built the clickable prototype for presentation and distribution to stakeholders and interested parties.

View Prototype


Upon completion, the following goals were achieved:

  • Design a social network that bakes right into existing free-to-play games
  • Provide relevant game recommendations to players based on genres and/or themes they enjoy, as well as games their friends are already playing
  • Connect players of the same game to each other by using vital game state qualifiers such as player level and achievement status
  • Create clickable prototype for distribution to stakeholders

Harry McCorkle, UX Designer

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