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I was part of a team of six designers working together to make Samsung’s next hit apps. Each team member fleshed out design ideas and created product pitches in two-week sprints. This resulted in the design of 34 products that take advantage of proximity awareness, identity across apps and devices, media streaming, and existing Samsung corporate partnerships. This is one of those products.

Project Summary

Samsung 360 Replay empowers you to compose awesome on-the-court replays, from all angles, at the swipe of your fingertip. Utilizing internal camera feeds at a sporting venue, the 360 Replay app enables a user to create a custom video otherwise unavailable to the public.

Next step: design an experience that:

  • is geo-locked to users in the stadium
  • uses multiple internal camera feeds as available streams
  • makes the last basket made 30 seconds before available for use
  • utilizes simple interactions to compose a replay
  • allows for users to preview their replay instantly
  • lets users post their replay to their social networks


Wireframe Design

I designed wireframes that explored an experience that allowed for a user to view four internal stadium video feeds and compose a quick replay from a certain moment in time during the game.

Initial four screen flow

Expanded interaction flow

UI Element Key & Interaction Breakdown

In the next five images, I broke down the experience into four distinct experiences: choosing a part of the live video feed you'd like to use, composing and editing your replay using just one finger, reviewing your replay, then sharing it.

Choose a Moment

Compose Replay

Edit Replay

Watch Replay

Review & Share Replay

UI Design & Presentation

Finally, I designed the color UI with highlighted interactions and packaged it into a presentation deck for review by the Samsung department managers.

Direct the Perfect Replay

Action at your Fingertips

Call the Shots with a Swipe

Harness the Power of Multiple Angles

See & Share your Epic Creation

Motion Demo

The motion demo of our complete experience was created by a team member for review by department managers and other parties.

Harry McCorkle, UX Designer

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